11 September 2008

By Way of an Introduction

Greetings and Salivations!

So I've finally decided to keep a blog. I've been blogging erratically on my MySpace page and haphazardly over at AuthorsBookshop.com, but it seems high time I got a little more focused with the whole enchilada (blue corn from El Azteco).

My idea is to use this space to discuss background, backstory, and bacteria relating to my published and unpublished writings. I'll flesh out topics that perhaps necessitated being passed over a bit lightly in their original form (whether poem or prose piece). And I'll try to answer any questions that anyone may have regarding my work -- or anything else for that matter (I can B.S. like a PhD and PDQ, too. OK?)

What writing works are these, you may be asking? (Imaginary audiences are great: you can make them ask all the right questions. Plato knew that better than anyone, that's why he sounded so damn smart all the time.)

Anyway here's what's been published (feel free to give them a browse before continuing, and by all means, order a copy or two):

The Moon Cracks Open: A Field Guide to the Birds (Poetry)
A Handful of Dust (Novel)
Jihad bil Qalam: To Strive by Means of the Pen (Anti-War Anthology; Editor)
and three poetry chapbooks: Saginaw Songs, The Lost Writings of Miscellaneous Jones, and When God Was a Child.

There have also been several plays produced/performed at the 303 Collective, CAGE, and Bedlam Studios. You can learn more about them here.

I'm hoping that this blog proves helpful and entertaining to my readers (and helps new readers find my work). So spread the word, pour a strong cup of Josef, or open a bottle of red wine -- preferable a San Giovese (the "Blood of Jove",) or crack a cold one -- preferably PBR (the Drool of Joad), and put on your reading goggles: Here comes the CrowVoice Journal.

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Gale said...

Bozhoo BlueCornBoy-
It seems a long time, but perhaps not so long a journey from Miscellaneous to Unnamed-Unknown. Countless sacred feathers and ancient birdsongs connect those two entities, a trail marCed for others to follow. During my own journeys N-E-S-W, you have kept alive for me the Essence of the ValleySaginaw, guarding stone and jade, nurturing poem and story, sharing all in heartful moments. Days at Delta, CAGE and backstage, nights at the inipi, in the no-time/no-space – you have seen with keen BirdEyes and called out with ClearVoice...
NOW, SpeaksForCrow, it is Right that you Write of the Rite -- of the EverydaySacredTimePlaceMoment, that the People may Hear and Know. You are One who carries Knowledge, my Brother---it is Time to share. Migweaj & Blessings, Gale