20 September 2008

Poetry Podcast

This aired in June, before the release of The Moon Cracks Open on the Saginaw News' entertainment editor's podcast, "Janet's Journal."

Marc reading from The Moon Cracks Open.

It features me reading several poems from the new book. It was an early morning recording, and I was somewhat hungover, but I think it turned out pretty good, considering.


(Also, I've posted a brand new poem at my MySpace blog -- I'm not sure if you need an account or not to read it. Somebody try and let me know. Thanks.)


grneyedgirl71 said...

Was an enjoyable reading/interview(I listened back then) :)
....No account needed to read blog on MySpace.

I like the new poem. That moon was beautiful (even for us Michi-ganders)

P.S. Will you save a beer for me too?

Marc Beaudin said...

Thanks. There'll be one in the fridge with your name on it.

IndieBookMan said...

Hey Marc - great interview! Thanks for the awesome AuthorsBookshop plug. You rock!

I blogged this, so hopefully we can get some more poepleses to listen to it!