30 January 2009

"What to Pray For" Wins Editors Award

I have just been informed that my poem "What to Pray For" was selected for the 2008 Pirene's Fountain Editor's Award. I'm honored.

The poem, which is included in The Moon Cracks Open: A Field Guide to the Birds, was written one evening sitting outside of the Red Eye, and was one of those "stumble-upon" pieces. I was lucky enough to be looking at the moon and the sparrows and the passing cars and listening with more than ears. The words were there for anyone really listening to pluck from the sky and commit to the page -- I was lucky.

You can read about the award and read the poem here.

Learn more about The Moon Cracks Open here.

And, as a postscript, the award comes with a $100 gift certificate for Amazon.com. My question for you is this: What should I buy? Any suggestions for books, cd's, etc. are appreciated. Thanks.

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