05 November 2009

Mickey Z. Wants Your Revolutionary Poetry

Here's something that showed up in my inbox recently:

Calling all feminists, wizards, Queer theorists, ex-Black Panthers,
Christians, Green activists, avant-gardists, Kabbalists, vegans, Hawaiian
nationalists, kickboxers, Punks, Hip Hop evangelists, New New Leftists,
pink-haired emo warriors, organic gardeners -- submit your work for "The Big
Book of Revolutionary Poetry," edited by Sparrow and Mickey Z. Send up to 3
poems to: sparrow44@juno.com or info@mickeyz.net

Also, please forward this announcement far and wide, post it on your website
or blog or Facebook page, and tweet it if you must. Thanks...

P.S. Please don't reply to find out what we mean by "revolutionary." As they
say, if you have to ask...

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